Doc Ruger on Twitter

Doc Ruger

Prestigious zombologist and zombie hunter extraordinaire, Doc Ruger, is on Twitter! He is posting a “word of the day” from his authoritative Zombie Cause Dictionary! Updates on the 2nd edition of The Zombie Cause Dictionary and casting calls will be updated on Twitter. Find him @thezombiecause.

The WORD OF THE DAY from The Zombie Cause Dictionary by Doc Lucky Meisenheimer (also Doc Ruger)  is ROLLING CHOMPER:

A decapitated head of a zombie that remains living for a few days if the nanotubular network is not destroyed during the decapitation. The head can bite, but only move by rolling. They are uncommon and great for a school show-and-tell.


One response to “Doc Ruger on Twitter

  1. Here’s a fun use for a rolling chomper around halloween time. Stick one in your Jack O lantern. When the local delinquents go out pumpkin stomping they will get a well deserved surprise. Chomping the Stomper

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