Word of the Day from The Zombie Cause Dictionary

The Word of the Day from The Zombie Cause Dictionary by Doc Lucky Meisenheimer is:

Barbara idiom.  A histrionic female who is non-functional in the presence of zombies; derived from the movie, Night of the Living Dead. Barbara was a catatonic woman who was totally worthless almost throughout the entire movie. It was a welcome relief to see the zombies finally get her.

Example: “The best thing to do with a Barbara is to dump her against the door. It helps barricade the door and she screams a nice alarm when the door starts to open.”            

Origin: 1968


Word of the Day from The Zombie Cause Dictionary

The Word of the Day from The Zombie Cause Dictionary is BEATING HEART ZOMBIES:

Beating Heart Zombies [bee-ting] [[hahrt] [zom-bees] noun. plural.  Reanimation occurs after death with restoration of cardiac function in this particular type of zombie. All organ systems still function except for the cerebral cortex of the brain which may retain variable cognitive functions.

Word of the Day for The Zombie Cause Dictionary

Amputation [am-pyoo-teyt-tion] noun. This was an early treatment for zombie bites on the extremities to prevent zombification. Until the onset of general anesthesia in the mid 1860s, two-thirds of the victims died from the procedure while about 40 percent died from zombification. Curiously, amputation remained as the recommended treatment (assuming the victim could prepay for the procedure).
Origin: 1630–40; < Latin amputātus pruned.

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Word of the Day from The Zombie Dictionary

The Word of the Day from The Zombie Cause Dictionary by Doc Lucky Meisenheimer is ZEIZURE.


ZEIZURE – Uncontrolled spasms and shakes as residual cortical brain functions rebel against the viral nanotubular network control. Zombies typically remain in an erect position. Zeizures are most common when a zombie tries to attack a former family member or friend. This occurs more frequently in later stage Beating Heart Zombies and early Aystole Zombies. It rarely occurs in late stage Black Zombies. Zombies may or may not go into a zorpor after a zeisure.