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Zombie Stockade Party

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Doc Ruger (Doc Lucky Meisenheimer) of The Zombie Cause had a fabulous time conquering zombies at the Zombie Stockade Party hosted by Moshi Moshi Productions! We thank everyone for a fabulous time!

Nicole and Christopher of ZombiCon also made an amazing impression on Doc Lucky and his VP of Marketing, Victoria Andrew, at the Zombie Stockade Party this past Saturday night! We look forward to working with them when Doc Lucky (aka Doc Ruger) makes a splash at ZombiCon 2012 in Fort Myers, Florida on October 19, 20, and 21.

** All pictures in this fabulous slideshow were taken by the ever so talented professional photographer, Jacquie Meisenheimer.



The word of the day from The Zombie Cause Dictionary by Doc Lucky Meisenheimer is


Beating Heart Zombies which are not only monstrous and difficult to kill, but have a rapacious appetite for eating far more than needed for energy. If not killed by zombie hunters, Tollants can have incredibly long life spans compared to other zombies. Tollants, when filled to capacity, migrate back to Zombie City and regurgitate flesh for the Necromancers to feed on and distribute.