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Zombie Stockade Party

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Doc Ruger (Doc Lucky Meisenheimer) of The Zombie Cause had a fabulous time conquering zombies at the Zombie Stockade Party hosted by Moshi Moshi Productions! We thank everyone for a fabulous time!

Nicole and Christopher of ZombiCon also made an amazing impression on Doc Lucky and his VP of Marketing, Victoria Andrew, at the Zombie Stockade Party this past Saturday night! We look forward to working with them when Doc Lucky (aka Doc Ruger) makes a splash at ZombiCon 2012 in Fort Myers, Florida on October 19, 20, and 21.

** All pictures in this fabulous slideshow were taken by the ever so talented professional photographer, Jacquie Meisenheimer.


Word of the Day from The Zombie Cause Dictionary

Word of the Day from The Zombie Cause Dictionary is OCCULOEXTENDER.

An OCCULOEXTENDER was developed for use with transplanted zombie eyes. Occuloextenders allow the transplanted eye to detect the infected before overt symptoms express. They are very useful for identifying minions as well. Cadaver zombie vision results in daily pain for the recipient, but wearing an occuloextender helps relieve much of the discomfort. Zombie eyes are very light sensitive, working best in dark rooms. Transplant recipients frequently wear an eye patch when outside or in bright lights. Doc Ruger has a transplanted zombie eye and can be frequently seen wearing an occuloextender.

Doc Ruger’s Word of The Day from The Zombie Cause Dictionary

Doc Ruger, the prestigious zombologist and zombie hunter has yet another WORD OF THE DAY from his phenomenal Zombie Cause Dictionary.


A chunk of human flesh held in an Asystole Zombie’s mouth. A fine, filamentous plexus of nanotubules “oral web” infiltrates the tissue and causes lysis of the tissues, which supplies nutrients to the muscles through the nanotubular network. Salarva has increased amounts of proteases to aid this process. Asystole Zombies cannot swallow or digest food otherwise. Asystole Zombies cannot swallow or digest food otherwise. Asystole Zombies can slow auto digestion of the corpse by acquiring scrabs. A scrab looks like a piece of meat encased in thousands of brown/white spider web-like filaments.